FaxMail allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere you have an internet connection and access to your email – You can even use your smart phone.

Call today to learn how to get started and Pricing Plans – 888-518-4329.

Send and receive faxes with your existing email ~ no software!
Select a Toll Free, Local or use your existing fax number
Send and receive faxes through your smart phone
30 day online history and reporting
Never busy fax!
No fax machine, fax supplies (paper, ink, toner), or separate phone line. FaxMail saves you money
Pay month-to-month or prepay for the year and save.
Personal dedicated inbox insures privacy
Secure Fax - SAS70, HIPAA and SOX Compliant
You can password protect the PDF file of received faxes for added security – HIPAA Compliance
You own your assigned fax number OR you can bring over an existing fax number knowing that you will always own the fax number and can take it with you if you want to change service.
Powered by the largest messaging platform in the world
24/7 Customer Support. Chat and email support for quick response to most questions